Travel guide to Accra

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Travel guide to Accra


Stretched along the Atlantic Ocean, in the Gulf of Guinea, Accra, the capital and the largest city in Ghana, a bustling modern city with a thriving local culture. The streets of Accra smells of delicious foods, when it comes to music, you will find everything from traditional dance and songs to the modern clubs with the latest music. The city consists of stellar coastlines with glittering beaches, libraries, galleries, museum and monumental buildings.

Being a melting hot pot of diverse cultures, the British, Dutch and Danish elements of the city mix seamlessly with the western African roots to make this a destination unmissable. Accra was established by the Ga people in the 17th century, and in 1877 it became the capital of the British Gold Coast. Accra became the capital of the newly independent state, following Ghana’s independence in 1957.

Here is a destination guide for Accra from AP LBC travel experts and Sankofa solutions partners on why you should visit Accra.

Places to visit:

Kwame, Nkrumah Memorial Park, Labadi Beach, National Museum, ICON House, Bojo Beach

Best time to travel:

Accra has two rainy seasons with hot and humid temperature year around. The best time to visit Accra is from July and August, and from December to April when the weather is generally cool. Most tourists are unlikely to visit Accra after November, which makes it a perfect time for you to visit this populous West African city. Accra is less temperate compared to some of the other tourist destination worldwide.

Activities to do in Accra:

There are lots of interesting things to do in Accra. The city has a place for everyone’s interest. Here are 5 things to indulge in Accra.

1. Have a piece of the past:

Accra has a rich history with significant cultural heritage. The National Museum of Ghana and the artisan crafts of Accra Arts Centre will give you an interesting insight into the local culture.

2. Shop it out!

Do you love shopping? Then Accra is the perfect spot of your liking, from the prosperous Makola market to the elegant Marina mall and Accra Mall, everything from fashions to souvenirs to jewellery, you will find good prices and bargain.

3. Have a look at the sparkling waters:

Accra is the perfect destination for the beachgoers. Though Labadi and Bojo are the two beach options around Accra, you can have a lot of fun activities like surfing and horse-riding. The sparkling surfs of the Labadi beach is a wondrous treat to the eyes.

4. Dine with delight:

If you are a foodie, then Accra is the perfect spot for you to try different food options. From the street food to the free dining there are a lot of foodie hotspots for you to visit and explore, including the influences of the busy international trading port.

5. Go Nocturnal:

Ghana boasts a stunning nightlife for you to enjoy. The night scenes are occupied by high energy and enthusiasm. Whatever may be your taste range, be it a dance club, live music, traditional songs, cocktail lounges, leisure time bars, you will find it plenty here.

Essential details to know before you start your trip:

Currency: Ghanaian Cedi (GHS)
Exchange Rate: 1 GHS = 0.15 GBP
Language: English (Lingua Franca), Akan
Hub Airport: Kotoka International Airport

Flight details:

Kotoka International Airport (ACC) is the only airport in Accra and disembarking here could open an opportunity for you to visit most of the important places in Accra.

Where to stay:

African Regent hotel

Being in very close proximity to the Kotoka International Airport, Accra Polo Club and The Marina Mall, the African Regent provides every traveller with the true authenticity of Africa. This hotel is the definition of luxury and offers exciting discounts for you. Planning to visit Accra, then look no further than African Regent, for it’s simply “Afropolitan”.

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