What we do

For Hotels and Apartments

Our approach begins with setting key objectives and KPIs during the onboarding process, guiding us to deliver optimal outcomes. Collaborating with the sales team, we identify focus areas and create a robust 30-60-90 plan for a strong go-to-market strategy. Listening is central to our value-driven role, helping us bridge gaps effectively. Our methodical gap analysis enables us to understand shortcomings, set clear objectives, and devise actionable strategies to achieve goals.We align specific objectives with overall business goals and track relevant KPIs, such as sales revenue and customer satisfaction. Regular monitoring and transparent reporting drive our data-driven decisions, ensuring continuous improvement and success part of our onboarding process, we start by setting key objectives and KPIs. Setting objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are critical to a successful sales process. Clear objectives provide direction and purpose, guiding us to give the best outcome. KPIs serve as measurable metrics that gauge performance and progress.

What we do

For our Buyers and Agents

At APLBC, we excel at creating perfect matches. By deeply understanding our buyers, we connect them with ideal solutions based on their location and spending preferences. Match – Let us pair our buyers with the perfect hotel, considering factors like spending capacity, location, and their specific objectives. Innovate – Our primary goal is to foster effective communication between our buyers and agents, ensuring they receive the most tailored solutions and campaigns. This commitment led us to develop our exclusive corporate solution program, Staycollection. This program offers an extensive range of apartments and hotels through the Global Distribution System (GDS) and direct API access, empowering both buyers and agents with more choices. For Our Meeting Services – Our communication goals revolve around understanding the nature of events, sustainability requirements, accessibility, and budget constraints. We’ve collaborated extensively with our hotel partners, shifting our focus beyond sustainability to encompass the entire MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) experience. We believe in making events a force for positive change. Leisure and Entertainment – By thoroughly comprehending our clients’ needs, we curate exceptional destination experiences and terms tailored specifically for these segments.

Our Solutions

Accommodation Solutions

We collaborate with a range of accommodations, including hotels, serviced apartments, and co-living spaces spanning various sectors. Our expertise extends to aiding you in discovering and obtaining optimal choices for your travelers and corporate clientele.

Sales Solutions

Our experience highlights the importance of successful collaborations. When we partner with you, we genuinely cooperate, integrating with your sales team to enhance your skills and help you overcome challenges. Our proven solutions, combined with our teamwork, drive your sales growth.

Marketing Solutions

We offer instant access to advanced tools that boost online visibility and ROI. Our customized turnkey solutions align with multi-channel strategies to achieve sales goals and increase brand visibility. Our skilled team seamlessly integrates the process with marketing solutions to strengthen your business.

Consultancy Solutions

We have a strong foundation in the hospitality industry since our beginning. We recognize that a universal approach doesn't guarantee success, but we have the expertise to create customized solutions that match your needs. Each partnership is unique, and our expert guidance is designed for specific situations, resulting in tailored solutions that address challenges and lead to success.

Revenue Solutions

We collaborate with you in selecting the optimal path to enhance your revenue potential and elevate overall yield. Subsequently, we take charge of overseeing this route, fine-tuning your reservations across all available platforms to achieve optimal results.

Strategic Partners

Partnering with APLBC introduces you to a thriving community built on collective resilience. Our crucial partners drive success for independent hotels and serviced apartments. Careful partner selection is highlighted, with a focus on expertise in hospitality. This results in tailored support for partner hotels, meeting their unique needs effectively.

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