The Chedi Andermatt: The Authentic blend of Alpine Chic with Asian Expression

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The Chedi Andermatt: The Authentic blend of Alpine Chic with Asian Expression

Captivating and striking in the grandeur of its own, The Chedi Andermatt offers an extraordinary blend of Swiss Alpine chic and Asian Zen. Located 1,447 meters (4747 feet) above sea level, The Chedi Andermatt has award-winning restaurants and bars, as well as a unique spa – an oasis of calm and relaxation.

The Chedi Andermatt has always been a lifelong dream hotel for me to visit; not only because of its excellence and signature style but its 7-star setting in its 5-star facilities. Their uncompromising approach to luxury takes the Swiss hospitality experience to a greater level.

A little signboard led to this world-class Alpine retreat, and I slowly drove into the parking lot. The hotel has its own parking lot, and the sight of well-arranged luxury cars impressed me greatly. The hotel concierge was ready to meet me as soon as I got out of my car, and managed my luggage requirements hassle-free.

Upon entry to the hotel foyer, I was given the sanitisers clean my hands (while wearing masks was optional here). The hotel seems to be well-equipped in taking precautionary steps against the Covid-19. While Andermatt, in general, had very low cases of the virus, just 5 at the time I visited.

An ethereal experience on entry: 

The word “Chedi” means temple in the Thai language and this hotel gave me such a divine feeling instantly when I entered. I was greeted by the charming reticence of the ceiling that had amazing chandelier lights, and I could hardly believe my eyes.

The architecture of the hotel is a combination of Asian style blending perfectly with the Swiss touch. The crystal designer lamps sparkling exquisitely like square-cut diamond bracelets hanging over the bar add just one more perfect touch of glamour to the scene.

Behind the dais, I could see the professional receptionists who donned on the smart black uniforms and wore black masks and gloves. As I slowly checked-in, the receptionists relayed information about all the facilities the hotel has on offer including the menu arrangements, the spa, and the indoor and the outdoor pools.

The stylish room and the luxurious bed: 

As I completed the check-in formalities, I was notified that I couldn’t get any assistance to lead me to my room as they follow strict protocol about using the same elevator due to the Covid-19 issues. However, I was very lucky enough to get a fabulous room on the third floor.

The concierge staff who was waiting for me opened the doors to my room and instructed me of the room amenities and was given an iPad. The room’s iPad helped me to be in total control of the butler service, adjust the room temperature, lights, and window coverings. In short, it’s the technical infrastructure at its coolest!

In the room’s minibar, everything was complimentary including the espresso machine. The bed was the striking highlight of all in the room; the hotel has invested a jaw-dropping 50,000 Swiss Francs per room in Hästens mattresses to ensure that every guest receives the perfect night’s sleep, and let me tell you, this was peak luxury.

The spacious bathroom is equipped with a freestanding bathtub and consist of one of the biggest rain showers anywhere in the world and a sensor that controls the ventilation automatically– I couldn’t just marvel at the innovative ingenuity!

I was also made to know that there weren’t any menu cards available in the room due to the current situation and the menu instead can be found on the hotel’s website. In my opinion, this is how things should be going forward.

The show around: 

One of the most prominent of The Chedi facilities is the show around, which was arranged by the hotel sales manager. The show around started with the lobby, which leads to the lounge area that had amazingly soft cushions, and the lounge area was such a tranquil and relaxing spot.

After taking a relaxed chill in the lounge area, I was led into a small elegant room, which had a good collection of wines. I saw a particular wine bottle dating back to 1945 that was set prominently for display and not for sale. The room also can be used privately for a small board meeting and can accommodate 5 to 10 people.

The four-show around

Next, I visited the Restaurant, and yes, this is the name of The Chedi’s prominent restaurant. Here they had an innovative concept, where you can choose the meat and the chef cooks freshly for you either in the Asian style or in the Swiss style.

Moving around the corner, there was the Bar, which boasts a collection of 200 different sakes and cocktails. The Bar is also a residential bar and closes late.

Next in line, I visited the Cigar Bar, which is one of the famous stop-on of the hotel. The Cigar Bar has a collection of over 500 different cigars, the cheapest available from 15 Swiss Francs to the loftiest of up to 4000 Swiss Francs. The beauty of the Cigar Bar is that, if you are organising a small meeting or a conference, then it can be used as an incentive option for your clients.

The four-show around

A visit to The Chedi Andermatt is not complete without visiting the Signature Sweets that offers a variety of sweets and savouries for the guests.

The Master bedroom: 

For me, the most amazing and enthralling experience is the master bedroom on the top floor of the hotel, which offers a mesmerising view of the mountain ranges. The hot tub, the sauna and the steam room gave an absolutely divine feeling. The master bedroom is also a signature room that is equipped with its own kitchen and consists of a dining area.

The events space: 

The Chedi is well known for holding some of the most amazing events, on a global scale. The large boardroom is spacious enough to accommodate from 100 to 150 people (the style is centred around in the Capri style, with 4 to 5 people per table). Since the boardroom is vast, social distancing measures can be followed here very easily.

When I entered the conference facility, I had the feeling of being in a little chalet-inspired place, which had natural streaming of daylight and offers a fantastic view of the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps. The space is big enough to be used as a reception room and comfortably used as a break-out option for the delegates.

Then there is the huge double-doored space of the foyer, which can serve as the reception area, and also as a private area for serving welcome drinks and refreshments. This spacious foyer area leads to the aforementioned vast boardroom that can accommodate easily up to 100 to 150 professionals.

The conference facility of The Chedi Andermatt features vast spaces with signature style Swiss facilities. Apart from the meeting and conference space, there is plenty outdoor space to host a barbecue party and open-air cooking for small parties and other functions. Should your client wish to hike, trek or bike ride, the facilities around the hotel accommodate this too.


For a successful meeting or a conference, I highly recommend The Chedi Andermatt.

Leisure facilities:  

Before you gain access to the leisure facilities such as the spa, you are requested to use the hand sanitizer. Keeping with the hotel’s congenial vibe, the Chedi’s spa isn’t hidden away in sealed-off quarters: instead, the impressive 35m pool extends beyond the lounge bar, where the warm glow of the log fires blends almost imperceptibly into the reflection of the soft lighting that ripples on the surface of the water. This 35m water pool is the longest swimming pool in the whole of Switzerland.

That’s just the beginning: the 2400m² spa area features further pools outside and downstairs, the outdoor pool features comfortable chairs and gives you a warm experience. You can also order food here. There are also multiple saunas and steam rooms, a state-of-the-art gym and a yoga studio.

Key take away of the Chedi Andermatt: 

          • The Chedi Andermatt was opened in 2013 and consists of 123 rooms.
          • The hotel has 205 fireplaces.
          • The real highlight of the hotel is the 5m high cheese tower, an almighty glass structure showcasing the best of local produce.
          • The Chedi Andermatt is the gift from the Swiss government.
          • The Chedi is one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in Switzerland.

My final impression: 

The Chedi Andermatt is a family-oriented hotel; if your clients or the delegates are opting to travel with their family then this hotel is the perfect hotel of choice. I have stayed in many hotels in the past, but it’s The Chedi Andermatt that is a stand-alone wonder that offered luxury in a landscape of natural setting nestled in the valley surrounded by the mesmerising mountains. The Chedi Andermatt is the best choice for the clients and if you are looking for something exclusive and luxury without limits then this hotel is the ideal spot to hold in your meeting and events.

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