Radisson Blu Reussen: An Elevated Experience in an Exuberant Chalet Style

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The coronavirus pandemic had kept the world still in its unprecedented wave and flow, putting the limb and life of any traveller at a greater risk than ever before. Yet in this time of turbulence and turmoil, I decided to put a brave step forward to take on a visit and have a look on, (or precisely saying to take on a good overview and experiencing) the meeting option and facilities of our proud portfolio of the premier partner hotels.

The adventurous road trail started in a stylish sedan at the German city of Hamburg, from where my path leads to the serene ambience of Switzerland. The drive was great and the air suddenly was filled with excitement when the breath-taking spectacle of the Stunning Swiss Alps shot up to my view.

The driving experience was exciting and exhilarating as varying landscapes like lush blooming meadows, green woods, great crags of mountain ranges and strange rock formation like a towering giant’s foot passed through us. As I came in close quarters to the alpine passes and shiny glaciers, I found to be embraced and welcomed by the warm tranquillity of the village of Andermatt, a top tourist destination in the country.

In the heart of this Andermatt, I found the casual chalet styled hotel nestled perfectly in the centre of the Swiss Alps. The Radisson Blu Reussen, a proud property of the Radisson hotels but unlike any other Radisson hotel, this swiss-style chalet was nestled in the heart of the mountains, making this property as the tallest of all Radisson hotels, which is situated 1400m above sea level.

Entering the Radisson Blu Reussen:

Entering the Radisson Blu Reussen:

As I entered into the lobby of the modern chalet-style building, I was greeted to the sight of splendid deep gorges that formed at the side of the snowy mountain peaks, there were also well-lit fireplaces that formed a fairy tale setting around the lobby giving me an instant sense of wondrous excitement.

The Covid-19 protocols cautions and hygiene measures including the mandatory social distancing regulation (keeping 1.5m apart) for the guests were displayed in the lobby.

When I checked in, I was given the key-card that could help me to access my assigned rooms and I did also note the painted floorboards that diligently directed my way and soon found the elevators.

The state-of-art room: A feeling of Swiss chalet: 

As I stepped out of the elevator, I was greeted to brightly-lit spacious corridors which had polished wooden floors, this once again pervaded my sense of experience being inside a Swiss chalet and the fairyland wondrous feel thrilled me. I can’t wait to see my room.

The interior of my room was so inviting, which was furnished well and gave me a warm and comfortable experience of a contemporary Swiss-chalet feel. And of course, the room offered the full range of upscale amenities, including free high-speed wi-fi, smart LED TV, Nespresso machine (for coffee making) and minibar or fridge.

Meeting spaces: An event experience in the mountains: 

I had the privilege and pleasure of seeing the comprehensive conference centre that boasts six function rooms, (four fully equipped meeting rooms and two boardrooms). The four meeting rooms have a free-flow entry of natural daylight and give you a picturesque view of the Swiss Alps and a feeling of an altitudinous meeting amidst the snow-capped peaks.

Of course, you have the behemoth yet luxurious Andermatt concert hall for audiences more than 700. More interestingly, you can even drive a car into this space. I also noticed the flexible built-in equipment that can be used for any type of event be it live, hybrid or virtual event. Apart from meeting you can host a varied set of events, exhibitions, fashion shows and more here. The social distancing norms are practised well.

There are lots of outdoor spaces for an eye-catching reception, a barbeque party, an exhibition and a lot more parties that you fancy. The hospitality concept of Radisson Blu Reussen is absolutely ground-breaking.

In my opinion, whether you would like to hold a conference, a private gathering or a lavish wedding, the hotel is ready to exceed your expectations.

Andermatt: A world apart: 

Andermatt is indeed ‘off the beaten track’, both figuratively (i.e. in terms of the marvels it has to offer) and literally. The village is accessible only by long and winding mountain roads and is located right at the heart of Switzerland, and is no more than 90 minutes away from Zurich and 120 minutes from Milan Italy, both in summer and winter. When you arrive in the village, you will have no difficulty finding the Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen – just follow the signs.

My stay in Radisson Blu Andermatt was an elating experience being amidst an ethereal mountainous landscape. The hotel is unlike the other Radisson hotels, as it’s built on a towering range of mountains. I highly recommend the Radisson Blu Andermatt be it for reception or a high-end business event, you are sure to give a stunning experience to your clients.

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