How to enhance your travel plan while adopting social distancing

Jun 30 / admin@aplbc

How to enhance your travel plan while adopting social distancing

At the time being, travelling for leisure is on the back burner, but that does not mean you cannot use the downtime to start brainstorming and schedule your next trips. In fact, smart planners can score some great deals and give themselves something to look forward to without taking a lot of risks.

Here are a few tips from the AP LBC travel experts on how you can enhance your travel plan while adopting the social distancing measure.

Entertain yourself as you brainstorm

If you’re a single person, read travel books and watch movies. Play games if you have a family, and get the children involved. See which destinations are coming to the surface and start drawing a list. We hope that many of you are probably already having many exotic and unique locations in your mind.

Select a date, whichever time

For now, it is just about giving yourself something to look forward to and mitigate the risk involved-or, preferably, remove it. In other words, you want to have the fun and enjoyment of preparing and booking without having to worry about losing a deposit or having to eat a flight/hotel’s expense.

Rest assured, doing so is not only feasible in this COVID-19 setting, but also easier than ever. just choose a date for now. Whichever date or time. If it’s August, September, October, it doesn’t matter-occasionally this summer, carve out some time to fly.

Chase for great offers and strategy of cancellation

Many hotels, lodges, cabins and other types of properties are very flexible at this stage and are eager to confirm bookings for this summer. Some locations, such as Latigo Ranch in Colorado, for example, offer risk-free bookings-if you can’t come because of the pandemic, then they’ll reimburse your money.

Policies like this encourage you to book something for this summer-so put a little hope on the horizon but in the worst-case scenario have you covered. Check some of your favourite destinations around, and see what’s being offered.

Keep above the airlines

Once you’ve got your spot, then you can look to get there (or vice versa based on how you like stuff to do). Right now, reservation policies are about as simple as they come, with the option of transferring or cancelling your flight without adjusting or re-booking fees (be sure to read the policy of each airline because they differ slightly). These policies are currently available to airlines through and the travel prices are down with competition as weak as it has been never before.

Take a look around to see what you can do for this summer if you don’t end up being able to fly, you’ll actually get a lot and be able to change the trip. And keep your hand on other policy exemptions or greater discounts or price reductions in the coming weeks.

Keep the Faith and Explore options

As time goes by, you’ll have a better understanding of whether or not you should fly when you’ve expected. So far be optimistic about it-note, it’s something to look forward to but if you find out a strategy won’t work, don’t be panicking. There is always a safety net.

Nothing is assured and at times the future can be bleak, but yeah, for now, with growing confusion, all we can do is brace ourselves to return to normal as quickly as possible. Having a strategy in place and continuing to rework the strategy as things change, would go a long way, even though it doesn’t feel like that right now. Any travel plans are better than no travel plans, after all.

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