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The Gekko Group

An Introduction

The Gekko Group, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main was formed in 2001 by Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu. An ever-expanding enterprise with its pioneering ideas, the brand has built itself an international reputation.

The Gekko Group’s portfolio in Frankfurt includes the Design Hotel Roomers, which won the Hotel Property of the Year in 2010, since 2016 the company has been constantly expanding its business in the homeland of the founders, Germany (Deutschland). The two entrepreneurs have made a lasting impact on Germany’s hotel landscape.

For their influence and inspiration on the hospitality industry, the two entrepreneurs and the proud founders of the Gekko Group Mr Micky Rosen and Mr Alex Urseanu were honoured in January 2018 as “Hoteliers of the Year” by the AHGZ and the dfv media group.

The Proud Portfolio

The portfolio of Gekko Group be it real estate, hotels, gastronomy and events though differ in architecture and design – have one common factor: locations where the highest gastronomic requirements are fulfilled, where the quality of being is not lost and where the right people meet; friendships for life, meetings of a special kind.

  • Hotel Roomers with new restaurant Burbank (added in January 2020), Frankfurt, awarded Hotel Property of the Year, 2010, a member of design hotels.
  • Bristol Hotel, Frankfurt am Mein.
  • The Gerbermühle, Frankfurt am Main.
  • Provocateur Berlin with Golden Phoenix Bar, March 2017, Berlin.
  • Roomers Living, Baden-Baden, 9 fully equipped apartments with design furniture and kitchen.
  • Gekko House, with the Chicago Williams BBQ, opened February 2020, Frankfurt.
  • The Pure, Frankfurt am Main.
  • Roomers Baden-Baden, with restaurant Moriki, 2016.
  • Roomers Munich, November 2017.
  • Roomers Loft, a 240 square meters of exquisite five-star service in a single standalone suite.


Moriki, Deutsche Bank Tower Frankfurt.

Servus Heidi, Munich

Future Hotels

Coming Soon

Roomers Park View, Frankfurt, expected to open at the end of 2021.

About Gekko Group

The Gekko Group, an award-winning and fastest expanding hospitality brand in Germany consists of a good portfolio that includes the Design Hotel Roomers, the Bristol Hotel and design hotels The Pure and Gerbermühle. The Gekko Group also includes 300 furnished apartments, the Bristol Bar, Gekkos Bar, the restaurant Moriki in the Deutsche Bank towers and the modern Bavarian inn Servus Heidi.

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