Hotel management plan to adopt during the Coronavirus crisis!

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Hotel management plan to adopt during the Coronavirus crisis!

There isn’t a day that goes by without hearing details concerning the coronavirus and its harmful effects on business travel and hospitality. Yet earlier the hotel industry had to deal with numerous emergencies and viruses. The SARS virus, for example, dramatically affected business in 2003. There was a 50 per cent decline in hotel bookings, which contributed to a decrease in foreign visitor arrivals by about 9.4 million, with losses projected at approximately $30 billion and $50 billion.

Despite the said-mentioned reality, by 2006, the travel industry managed to log massive progress, with a cumulative contribution of $5.160 billion to global GDP over the year.

The reality is that the pandemic is inevitable, and will go away. Therefore, we will continue to prepare for the potential, as well as take action to minimize long-term coronavirus disruption and accelerate speedier recovery.

Here are some suggested plans from the AP LBC hotel management experts for you to adopt during the Coronavirus crisis and also from the economic wounds, it is causing.

Financial assistance

If not already provided, the most important first step is to estimate your expenditures for the next 90 days. This needs that you contact the lender and seek some form of relief. A forbearance letter demanding a 90-day no-payment duration is a positive first step, and further demands for flexible debt-service rates and others are often reasonable.

Make sure your submission to the lender contains your dedication to the property, a fresh 2020 balance estimate and guest experience scores background, quality control reports and a summary of your prompt payment record.

Many franchise companies should be responsive to a form of help and this is what you need. Federal, local, and community leaders would be valuable calls as help can arrive from several branches of government. Preserving cash is so important that it would increase the cash balance even though you’ve only earned 30 days’ exemption from Transient Occupancy Levy.

Vendors will be quite accommodating because we have been patient and up-to-date with bills and if you choose to use them today, will be willing to offer services at a discount. In this area, utility facilities have not been evaluated but it is worth a try. Both arrangements have to be checked in-house.

Landscaping and disposal of garbage, copiers and other utilities shall be investigated. You must assign preference to vendor payments and reach out for delayed payments to regional providers.

Furloughs and layoffs: A tough choice

The toughest part of it is staff layoff. They need completely realize whether furloughs or layoffs can arise on budget cuts. They’ll be happy if you can maintain their policies safe in expectations that they will return to work fairly quickly. There are too many opportunities for them in the form of information from the government and from you.

Demand Generation

Look at various community groups to see what’s going in the environment. Although we could be informed social media is meant to go quiet, I say commitment! We are an important part of our group structure.

When you mentioned on Facebook or social media sites that you had suites for anyone who wished to self-isolate at an affordable cost, you received inquiries on whether or not the exercise rooms were available, whether you provided food and perhaps more. Response frankly-in each of your situations, and encourage one guest to book the workout for 45 minutes at a time.

For every use, you need to sanitize it, and then you can get one guest in an hour. You shouldn’t allow guests to touch anything at buffet food. Your employees will serve your guests with what they wish.

Contact churches and other non-profit organizations, community service agencies and see whether there are possibilities for collaboration. Call colleges with students who are unwilling to live in dorms and others who operate remotely to see whether they like the comfort of a space that offers Internet, no noise, an office, a spot to rest and relax, a workout area, pool, snacks, beer, adult beverages, simple retail facilities and even more in some instances.

The economy will quickly start rising to rates that just look amazing because of where we are now.

Alternatives and administrative efficiencies

The size of the hotels may be minimized by closing a wing or floor, saving on energy use, personnel resources and equipment and doing repair work that is hard to do while you’re complete. Housekeeping facilities can be accessible on request only to visitors. It is wise to email visitors in advance and makes sure they really intend on travelling.

If all else fails, rooms would be provided for those that check positive for COVID-19 but are not sick, others that have minor cases and if that demand is not enticing, there are the poor who just need accommodation until the weather warms up.

At the end of the day, it’s about sympathy for employees and the success of the toughest global struggle that many of us will ever face together. We must live, and we must remember the victims of this outbreak. May our luck change to the better early!

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