Germany Slowly Tracing Back Its Way to Normalcy After the Lockdown

Apr 30 / admin@aplbc

Germany Slowly Tracing Back Its Way to Normalcy After the Lockdown

Germany is making the first move back to normalcy on Monday, with smaller shops opening up in several regions for the first time in a month since officials have deemed the virus spread in control. From high-level companies to small-scale retailers, the bulk of shops less than 800 square meters or 8,600 square feet will be allowed to welcome customers again in the first round of relaxation of the tight limits of public existence which had been implemented last month.

Although the first shops will start to reopen their business on Monday, each of the 16 states in Germany is expected to remove the restrictions at a somewhat different rate. In certain states, such as the capital city of Berlin, it may take a little longer to reopen.

With 155,054 reported cases and 5,788 deaths as of 25 April, Germany was one of the country’s worst impacted by COVID-19 (currently the 5th highest in the overall number of infections), but still, one of the quickest to respond.

The Robert Koch Centre for Public Health has reported that the incidence of infection – the amount of people contaminating per infected person – has fallen below one for the first time.

The restrictions on gatherings of more than two persons and the need to stand more than 1.5 meters away from anyone in public areas remain in place. Mr Leschet, an influential political leader in the country, cautioned that some of the restrictions on coronavirus could continue until 2021.

Re-opening of schools:

Students around the world have been attending their classes online as the government of over 200 countries have forced schools to be closed in order to slow down the spread of the novel Coronavirus that has killed more than 200,000 people around the world. However, Germany has welcomed some of their older students on Monday, who are instructed to observe a strict social distancing as they write their final exams.

“I think the students are ready for their final exams,” said Antje Luekemann, headmaster of the Steglitz High School in Berlin, where the students arrived sporting face masks and disinfecting their hands with a sanitizer before seating at the well-spaced large school desks.

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