Celebrating Life and Individuality With Oakwood’s Unlimited Collection! 

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Celebrating Life and Individuality With Oakwood’s Unlimited Collection! 

The Unlimited Collection by Oakwood is a collection of unique hotels that preserves its original positioning while using Oakwood’s hospitality management skills and distribution network. It is an original collection of styles that embraces uniqueness.

From intimate charisma to modern icons to historic splendour, each remarkable residential space in the collection aims to provide the independent traveller with experiences that are authentic to each property, unlimited in design and delightful in outlook – one that dots each journey with unique stories to tell.

There are no restrictions on where you may stay that is one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s the intimate allure of a city or the laid-back lifestyle of a resort by the sea, each property in The Unlimited Collection by Oakwood has a unique attraction. At AP LBC, we urge you to fill your travel adventures with unique stories, by fusing rich character, exceptional designs, and new views on experiencing each dazzling destination.

1. KēSa House

 KēSa House, located in the centre of fashionable Keong Saik Road, has a welcoming versatile concept that houses a list of some of the city’s most distinctive and eccentric bars and restaurants, all under one stunning roof. The stylishly converted row of shophouses, an evolution of the traditional hotel experience, is ideal for wanting to stop or stay awhile with short or longer rental leases.

The hotel is an ideal place to pause and see some of the city’s most spectacular sites, or to escape to the serenity of public areas like the KēSa Lounge each evening after a day of a good day of work or travelling adventures, or to savour co-living at its finest in the common kitchen.

The property is well-equipped with rooms ranging from cosy choices for quick trips to big premier apartments with a kitchenette, extra living space, or even your own terrace for extended visits; select your favourite option, completely equipped for your customised stay.There is complimentary wi-fi available throughout the property, and a wide range of top-class amenities like laundrettes and regular housekeeping.

Places to visit during your stay! 

Beloved for its unique blend of old and new, Chinatown abounds with historic temples and traditional medicinal halls sitting alongside bold new bars and trendy lifestyle shops.

1. Buddha tooth relic temple and museum.

2. Sri Mariamman Temple

3. Singapore city gallery

4. Chinatown Heritage centre

5. Chinatown Artwalk


2. The Wanderlust: 

The Wanderlust, housed in a heritage 1920s Art Deco style building, combines old-world elegance with modern luxuries. You are always near to everything while staying deliciously off the beaten track, immersed in the ancient urban patchwork of Little India, which is located on the outskirts of Singapore’s main commercial and business areas.

Seek peace and inspiration in intentional urban apartments that are completely furnished with each stay. Start discussions with like-minded people in the social area, take a swim in a tranquil oasis, or feast on award-winning cuisine at Kotuwa, in an all-inclusive stay destination.

The hotel’s selected interiors and adaptable concept are thoughtfully created for the contemporary traveller, catering to every excursion and journey. Along with easy proximity to Changi Airport, the central business area, and a plethora of local attractions, the hotel’s 29 rooms provide visitors with a haven of quiet to return to after their excursions throughout the city.

Places to visit during your stay! 

The ethnic enclave of Little India never gets dull, with heritage and culture oozing from every corner. Get lost in its maze of lanes and you’ll find a treasure trove of picturesque temples, bric-a-brac stalls, and authentic cuisine like no other.

1. Tekka Market

2. Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

3. Former House Of Tan Teng Niah

4. Little India Artwalk

5. Indian Heritage centre


3. Ann Siang House: 

Ann Siang House, located on the fringes of Chinatown in the historic Telok Ayer sub-district, is a renovated heritage house that combines versatile co-living housing with innovative culinary options.

The 19 well-appointed apartments on the property are completely equipped with all amenities and built with smart technologies that enable an all-inclusive lifestyle concept that blends business and leisure. Offering long-term rental leases with chosen services for a flawless stay, enjoy in the city’s buzz, wander through rich in history ancient streets, or find world-class bars and a multitude of contemporary eateries all at your doorstep.

The property is a tailor-made haven for contemporary, culture-hungry visitors looking for both short and long-term city visits. It blends modern amenities such as cooking facilities with all the comforts of home in one centralized, trendy location.

Places to visit during your stay! 

Irrespective of your length of stay, schedule, or preferences, there is an exceptional experience for every traveller right around the corner! With Ann Siang House discover insider information about Singapore’s infinite cultural events, fascinating things to do, and tantalising restaurants and bars.

1. Haji Lane & Arab Street

2. Little India

3. Botanic Gardens

4. Marina Bay Sands complex

5. Gardens by the Bay

Singapore, fondly known as the Lion City of Southeast Asia, is a must-see for all travellers, whether you’re looking for adventure, urban exploration, or are a foodie. Though relatively small in landmass, the island has everything for a modern-day traveller. The unveiling of The Unlimited Collection has allowed exploring Singapore like never before. With The Unlimited Collection from Oakwood, you can paint your travel with the vibrancy of each destination and explore more with each stay.


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