AP LBC: A Post on Shortage of Talent: What You Need To Know

Jul 26 / admin@aplbc

AP LBC: A Post on Shortage of Talent: What You Need To Know

What we will cover in this post, and what you will come to know! 

      • A skilled staff shortage?
      • The skilled staff shortage.
      • Talented, skilled staff needed!
      • Co-source to meet your skilled staff shortage.
      • Co-sourcing delivers talented, skilled staff.
      • Don’t operate with a shortage of talented, skilled staff. Operate with a co-sourcing partner.

Having had to contend with the chaos and devastation caused by Covid-19, many employers in the hotel and managed apartment sectors are now facing yet another major obstacle in their attempts to emerge from the pandemic. The very real issue of a worrying shortage of qualified employees across many different areas, including sales, front of house and kitchen.

As the pandemic took a firm grip on our industry, many organisations were faced with no other viable option than to furlough employees, and operate with substantially reduced staff numbers. During furlough however, significant numbers of employees have found the reduced income, or the emotionally unsettling insecurity too much to contend with, and have sought employment elsewhere. For elsewhere, read ‘outside the industry’.

With uncertain, constantly changing times still ahead, staff have a fear over ongoing job security which is preventing them from entering or re-entering the sector. So the pandemic, nearly two years in, continues to wreak havoc, amplifying a staff turnover situation that’s long been a problem within hospitality.

And layer on top of that the intricacies and complexities of holidaying in a global pandemic and you have yet another challenge impacting recovery – expertise and knowledge that’s left the sector is now needed more than ever. Understanding the ins and outs of current booking conditions, quarantining, visa regulations and travel restrictions is vital to effectively advise travellers.

So the question many businesses are asking themselves right now, and the subject of this post is – how do we minimise the impact of a shortage of talented, skilled staff?

An alternative model provides the answer.

Our industry operated with high staff turnover levels prior to the pandemic. With many reasons contributing to this, from issues around support or pay & benefits to career advancement challenges, the demands placed on individuals or the disruption of technology.

Hotel operators will need to look at how staff turnover can be reduced, that’s not in dispute. But they face an immediate need which requires a ready-made solution. If that solution also proves to be the long-term answer, then we have a model that will help deliver a stable recovery.

So, how do you resource up quickly, filling gaps with people who have the necessary skills and experience you need, without having to go through a lengthy and costly recruitment process?


Co-sourcing is a collaborative, partnership approach to building and running highly effective departments or functions, where the skills and expertise your business needs are provided by partners.

But don’t mistake co-sourcing for outsourcing. Outsourcing is a familiar process that’s been part of the hospitality sector for many years. Yet outsourcing brings it’s own baggage with ‘new’ responsibilities including managing the people you outsource. As such, it’s seen as short term or tactical and associated with cost cutting. It’s not the solution to the shortage of skilled staff currently facing many of you.

To find the solution you need to look at co-sourcing. A different kind of relationship where the client and co-sourcing partner build a dedicated team – an extension of existing departments – creating a longer-term strategic relationship. The expertise, people and systems needed now to meet the shortage of skilled staff can be brought in to fill gaps and create a robust structure. One focused not on cost cutting but on driving growth.

5 key ways co-sourcing answers the shortage of talented, skilled staff

1. Minimize sourcing costs: Working with a co-sourcing partner to meet your needs and the challenges facing your business allows you to instantly plug gaps, bringing in just what you need to grow, without the costs associated with recruitment and onboarding.

2. Instant access to expertise & knowledge: With hotel sector and function expertise, a co-sourcing partner has the critical skills, knowledge, tools and systems you need ready and waiting from day one. They bring ready-made experience, and access to intellectual property, meaning strategic or tactical needs are quickly met with no ‘learning’ time required.

3. Skills and experience grow ‘in-house’: As they integrate fully, the experience, expertise and skills they possess are shared with existing employees, raising the capabilities and performance of entire departments or functions. Healthier, more robust team structures, processes and systems emerge.

4. Focus on core business:By co-sourcing dedicated experts in key areas you remove the cost of recruitment at a time when your cost base needs to be critically managed, allowing you to solve your skills shortage whilst maintaining focus on and control over your core business overheads.

5. A model for sustained recovery and growth:What begins as the answer to the current skilled staff shortage can grow into a long-term relationship. With shared goals and open communication, a co-sourcing partner will understand your company’s objectives and vision, developing an agile plan that builds the right team now and in the future to support your business needs, working as one with your in-house employees.

Don’t operate with a shortage of talented, skilled staff. Operate with a co-sourcing partner.

Co-sourcing offers a solution to the current skills shortage whilst also providing a new model for long term sustained growth.

At APLBC our team of co-sourcing experts support independent hotel operators and serviced apartment operators across the globe with sales, marketing and operational support, strategic development and consultancy services.

With APLBC, you won’t have a shortage of talented, skilled staff. You’ll have a partner for all your needs.

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