5 Best Ways in 2020 to Attract Corporate travellers to Your Hotel

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5 Best Ways in 2020 to Attract Corporate travellers to Your Hotel

Corporate travellers make an important market segment for the hoteliers, as they are much prone to globe-trot for their business. This makes them a good source of business and revenue to your hotel.

These types of travellers are the one who travels for business purpose, usually representing their company. These travellers usually don’t look for anything than basic amenities given in a high-end standard. All they need is a tidy impressive looking room and a nice hot breakfast for the morning.

Corporate travellers usually increase your occupancy period and time when it is the off season for leisure travellers. With the global business travel spending expected to reach 1.6 trillion dollars by the end of this year, your hotel will have the great opportunity to capture the attention of the corporate travellers.

Here are the 5 best ways from AP LBC to attract corporate travellers to your hotel in 2020.

Have a clear understanding on the need of the business travellers

Unlike the leisure travellers, the business travellers are most focused on high efficiency and convenience. To attract corporate travellers to your hotel, it is important to fulfill the desired amenities they prefer. Here are some of the amenities that you must be ready to provide with.

  • A business traveller stays hooked up to a WIFI internet connectivity for more than 16 hours a day, and they expect the hotel to have a good connected network. They even go the extent of paying extra to it, as work is the top most priority for them.
  • Most of the corporate travellers have more than one device with them for the work purpose, you must make sure that their room consists of more than four plug outlets in each room placed near the desk and the bed.
  • Although in a business purpose, some corporate travellers are keen on their fitness routine. If your hotel provides them with fitness centres it could be a big plus.

GDS, the guest attractor

Most of the business today are outsourcing travel management responsibilities to the corporate travel agents or travel management companies. This always comes to booking accommodation for corporate travellers, for this purpose the agents always turn to GDS (Global Distribution System) to find excellent hotels with best room and destinations for the traveller.

Making your hotel well visible to as many as eyes possible is the first step forward in achieving your guest hoarding goals and that is what GDS does with the most advanced and popular method that helps in the booking method for travellers and corporate companies. GDS is the perfect platform to satisfy all the needs of the guests.

It is said that the world’s first distribution systems Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan, represent more than 60 million hotel reservations per year, which sees a 5% increase with each passing year. GDS owes its success among other things and on your side it helps you to increase the visibility of your hotel, target business clients and helps in reducing your dependence on OTAs.

Benefits of GDS

  • A portal of entry to infinite number of travel agents across the world
  • A great way to get access to Fortune 500 companies
  • A point of connection to the global network of GDSs
  • Easy access to non-traditional booking agents to decide last-minute stays

Online appearance

An excellent online appearance is a show-off factor that attracts some decisive business eyes. An attractive website with well-written content has a very high chance of impressing the corporate guests and tempt them to book a slot in your hotel. In the content part make sure to shout out your amenities and services arouses the curiosity and interest of the corporate guests.

Many corporate travellers and corporate travel management companies look for your hotel website for what is on offer in your hotel. For that you must Add a page on “Business Amenities” on your website, which are targeted to all guests irrespective of the category.

It is also very essential to add certain information about the proximity of the transport links to your place, as it gives a proper information feed to the corporate guests and spikes their interest towards your hotel. Gramercy Park Hotel in New York is one of the hotels which follows a proper information feed for the customers.

Bring out the Bleisure travel!

Bleisure travellers are a group of travellers who like to extend to their business trip for leisure purposes and now are a prominent target of the hoteliers. To be precise, Expedia reports that 43% of all business trips be it international or domestic are prolonged for leisure purpose. It is also point to note that the average work days on a business trip is tend to be outnumbered by leisure days.

Most of Bleisure activities usually involves sightseeing, trying local cuisine and having a look at the culture and art of the particular region. Bleisure presents with an opportunity for the business travellers to take a friend, spouse or family member with them, making a sort of sought-after experience.

Though being an old trend, corporate travellers staying a couple of days, before or after their business purpose are not a fresh market but are there to stay. This trend of Bleisure is growing with each year, as new destinations are being added each year.

Create a loyalty programme

Targeting corporate companies and having them in your list, is like having a flourishing gold mine. Any company with a regular business commitment in or near your locality, need constant accommodation for their employees that offers good services. A good PMS (Property Management System) will help in managing the booking and make it easier.

Creating a loyalty programme helps to attract more corporate travellers. A loyalty programme is more about focusing on new guests as well as previous guests. You must bear in mind that certain corporate travellers are prone to travel to your locality, and running a loyalty programme can go a long way, if you want return visits.

On getting in touch with a company, offer a loyalty discount. This strategy will greatly increase the bookings of your hotel rooms. Corporate and business travellers are looking for a loyalty programme that provide them with useful rewards.

For example, you can create reward programmes for your brand that allows them to collect points to earn a free room, luxury amenities and free upgrades during their stay.

Business travellers also find services with multi-level incentives appealing. For example, they can progress to a high level if they spend a certain amount with your particular hotel brand.

They can, however, continue to work towards gaining a more elite status within your hotel, reaping better rewards in turn along the way.

The hotels like Marriott, Hilton Honors and World of Hyatt offers some of the best perks as well as the most attractive redemption options under their loyalty programme.

Corporate travellers are one of the most important sources of revenue and sales lead to hotels. AP LBC sales experts’ advise the hoteliers to adopt these 5 best strategies to attract corporate travellers to your hotels.

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